No Skills, No Experience & 6 months until you step into the cage

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“ We’re looking for ordinary men & women who want to transform their lives ”Lee Aylett (Head Coach)

Wimp 2 Warrior is a global MMA reality series that takes ordinary men and women through an intensive six month training programme taking them from ‘wimp’ to ‘warrior’. The series culminates with the contestants being split into two fight camps and ultimately facing off against one another in the cage. It’s the ultimate physical and mental challenge that will literally transform your life.

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“ We’re not looking for the fittest people or the best athletes, we’re looking for people with heart and determination ”Matt Healy (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach)

Lee Aylett - Head MMA Coach

A pioneer of MMA in the UK with over 20 years coaching experience that is well equipped to help all contestants reach their full potential

Matt Healy - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

A respected expert in the field of Strength & Conditioning that can help anyone get into prime physical condition

Brad 'One Punch' Pickett - Series 1 Guest Coach

An absolute legend in the sport of MMA who will be hands on coaching and mentoring the series 1 contestants